Academic Integrity Seminar

Below you will find the information you need to complete the Academic Integrity Seminar.

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Table of Contents

Step 01: View the Workshop video

Review the Rowan University Academic Integrity Policy, and watch the video below, which will introduce you to Rowan academic integrity resources, and summarize the academic integrity policy and the major classes of academic integrity violations.

You do not have to complete the plagiarism tutorials and take the certification test for the Seminar, unless you want to.

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Step 02: View the Seminar video

View the video below, discussing the meaning of academic integrity and its impact on the university community, factors that contribute to academic integrity violations, and strategies to help you make good decisions.

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Step 03: Complete the short essay assignment

Write a short essay, about 500 words (two double-spaced pages) covering the following topics:

Step 04: Submit essay assignment

Submit your completed essay, in .doc or .pdf format, via email to, with subject line "Academic Integrity Seminar".

Please make sure to include your name in your document.